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Five Things Friday {#3}

Friday is finally here! And since it’s been awhile, like since last June, I decided it would be a good day to jump back on the Five Things Friday bandwagon. My Five Things Friday are usually a mix of my random thoughts, products I love and things I found amusing. So kick back and enjoy!

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This adorable camera lens mug.

You know your a #photographer when…. You drink your coffee out of a camera lens travel mug.

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I’ve been eyeballing this camera lens travel mug for a long time, and my fiance bought it for me a couple weeks ago. The deal was if he bought it, I couldn’t stop to get coffee anymore. That hasn’t exactly happened yet, mainly because I love iced coffee, but when I bring it work, it’s my go-to mug for coffee or tea. It will most definitely be making many appearances during photo shoots this year. Let’s just hope I don’t mistake it for one of my lenses! The snow. Let’s just talk about the snow for another quick second. Even though I don’t even want to think about it anymore. Boston is BURIED. Literally. Every storm is now discussed in feet. Not inches. In fact, we have a storm coming tomorrow night that could drop another foot or more on us. We already have over 6 feet on the ground. And this is just in a 2-3 week time span. We’ve gotten more snow in the last few weeks, then we usually do in an entire winter.  I’m hoping that our winter will essentially only be this like 4 week period of blizzards. And then miraculously spring will arrive in March and we will have 50 degree weather. Because we’re going to need it soon for all of the snow to go away!

The struggles of losing weight.
You guys. I hate trying to lose weight. I’m just putting it out there. But I hate more? How much weight can fluctuate. I usually weigh in once a week for Weight Watchers. But I decided to weigh myself yesterday just to see how things were going. I was psyched. Down just over a pound. I weighed in this morning, and I had gained 2 from the day before. SERIOUSLY? Not cool body. Not cool. Anyways. Weigh in days are now on Thursdays, since that’s when my lowest weigh in seems to be. But still. Ugh. Being a woman… am I right?

This girl just being an unbelievable inspiration.
Jamie Brewer, best known for American Horror Story, just rocked the runway at New York Fashion Week. Like utterly owned it. And while doing so, became the first model with down syndrome to do so. But I don’t look at her and see Down Syndrome. I look at her and see a woman is chasing her dreams and succeeding in an dog eat dog industry, and not caring what anyone thinks of her. She is truly an inspiration to ALL women. I mean look at her up there. She’s GLOWING. And her model walk. Owned it!

Check out this great video that fellow model Alanna Raben took during the pre-show. This girl just oozes confidence. You go Jamie!

The Buzzfeed Obama video.
I mean… we’ve all done some of these things. At least once. Right? I mean… we’ve all done some of these things. At least once. Right?

And a bonus…

The long weekend.
It’s President’s Day weekend! Which means we have the day off on Monday. Anyone else? Anyone doing anything fun? It looks like we will be snowed in. Again. Not cool. Guess I’ll be kicking back with a book and my heated blanket. It’s President’s Day weekend! Which means we have the day off on Monday. Anyone else? Anyone doing anything fun? It looks like we will be snowed in. Again. Not cool. Guess I’ll be kicking back with a book and my heated blanket.

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Five Things Friday {#2} – Nostalgia Edition

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Happy Friday friends! This week flew by… and I’m really starting to hope they slow down a little so we can enjoy the beautiful summer weather that we’re finally getting! This week, Five Things Friday will be a bit different. It’s the Nostalgia Edition. Why you ask?

10 years ago today, I graduated from high school. And I’m kind of in shock. It doesn’t seem like it’s been 10 years. But it has, and a lot has happened in my life in those 10 years. I’ve (obviously) grown up. I’ve gotten my BA and MS. I met the love my life. Got engaged. Landed my dream career. Watched as my childhood home sold and my parents bought their dream retirement home. And so on. So today. We’re going to talk about my top 5 memories.. jumping into the way back machine!

  1. The 8th Grade New York trip: This was the first big ‘trip’ our grade took together. We were all 13 going on 14, getting ready to go to high school, and were all sorts of crazy. We all had trips together in the past (Camp Kiev in 6th grade….) but this was the first time that it was a trip of fun things, not educational. We got to choose our hotel roommates (of course we all chose our best friends), and we stayed in a (what we thought was) a swanky hotel in New Jersey. We got to eat breakfast in the hotel lobby, roam the halls until all hours of the night (despite our teacher’s wishes) and got to see all the sites. The Statue of Liberty, a Broadway show, Times Square, and so on. I wish I could find the pictures from that trip because we all took a picture looking back at the Manhattan skyline on our way to the Statue of Liberty with the Twin Towers at the center of it all. Little did we know that just a couple of years later, they would no longer be standing proud. The memories are some I will always cherish. The first time we got to be let loose in a big city.

2. 9/11: I won’t go to depth into it. It’s not a fond memory. It’s not my top memory. But it happened while I was in high school. And despite the horror and the tragedy, our high school came together. We found ourselves leaning on fellow classmates we may never have spoken too before. Trying to sort out what was happening. And like everyone, classmates and teachers were touched by the tragedy in some way. In our case, a passenger on one of the planes was from a town over, and one of our teachers had taught him school. If you ever want to read my post about it, I wrote about where I was a couple of years back.

  1. My friendships: I know. Cliche. But back then, my life revolved around three things. My family, horses and my friends. I couldn’t wait to meet up with all of them in our usual spot in the hallway before classes started in the morning, I couldn’t wait for lunchtime to see them and chat, and I couldn’t wait for school to be out so I could hang out with one of them. Growing up, even back in middle school, I loved riding my bike to friends houses and spending the day. Or roaming our neighborhoods until the sun set. Life was simple. Even when we hit our high school years, and suddenly we were all dating, driving and taking part in new activities. Life was simple. That’s all we had to worry about. While I may not talk to all of my high school friends anymore, I know that I will always cherish the friendships I had with them. They helped to make me who I am today. And I’m proud of all of them for what they’ve done with their lives. Here we are, 10 years later, and the people I expected to be friends with forever, are mere acquaintances now, and their are some who I’ve grown closer too. And that’s just life. And either way, I’ve created some amazing memories along the way; memories that will I will always cherish.

  2. My favorite classes: Yes. I was a nerd. And yes, I enjoyed going to class (well most of the time). I never skipped. Unless I was at home sick. Or traveling (which we only did on breaks because my dad was a teacher too). Or at a horse show (which only happened in May or June… sometimes in September/October). But there are classes that will always stand out in my mind. History classes with Mr. Gaudiano (the high school football coach at the time), Psychology and Sociology classes with Mr. Brush (where I realized how much I loved Psychology and became comfortable standing in front of a class speaking), Photography (where I first discovered my love of photography. I considered for a split second going to art school…. but that passed quickly), Oceanography (we had like 8 people in our class and used to take trips to the beach. It was awesome), Marine Biology (same thing as Oceanography, but with a way better teacher.) and any class with Mr. Hill and Mr. Gagnon.

But one class that truly stands out in my mind was my Theater class. I was never into theater but I figured I would give it a shot. What I discovered was a new love for the stage, despite horrible stage fright. I never joined any of the performances, but loved being up there with my classmates. I even helped out on a stage crew with one of our performances. It was a lot of fun, and really helped to bring me out of my shell.

5. Graduation: Also cliche. However, graduation is one of those moments that no one should ever forget. You’ve made it through 4 years of the most complicated, awkward and best years of your life, and now it’s time to celebrate. My high school years, while memorable, were nothing to write home about. I was a good student, who worked hard for my grades. I didn’t participate in extra-curriculars because I didn’t have time because of horseback riding (that was my extra-curricular). I wasn’t one of the ‘popular’ kids. In fact, I was kind of nerdy. I would have rather have my nose in book then going to the parties around town. And looking back, I’m glad that was how I was. In fact, looking back, the week leading up to graduation, I had a horse show. And I was completely fine with missing out on graduation activities so I could be at the show. But the school wouldn’t let me. So I had to go to my school events and then race up to the horse show (even getting dressed in the car on the way) so I could compete.

We had numerous ‘graduation day’ practices too. We had to practice walking into the stadium. One of my friends reminded me of this, and how the ‘step-together’, ‘step-together’ will always be in her mind. We had to practice this for HOURS and if you missed a rehersal, you couldn’t walk on graduation day.

But the day graduation came, I took it all in. I was in my graduation garb, surrounded by my friends. It was a rainy day, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to be down with high school. I couldn’t wait to move on to the next chapter of my life. I listened intently to the speeches. I clapped; I cheered. I stood up when they announced who received scholarships. We got up and got our diplomas from our principal and our mayor at the time. Posed for a picture and sat back down. But we all just wanted to get through the ceremony and toss our caps in the air. That crucial moment when it means ‘We did it! We graduated high school!’ That moment was one I’ll never forget. I was officially the Graduating Class of 2004.

Five Things Friday {#1}

I’m jumping on the bandwagon of Five Things Friday!

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So what am I loving this Friday?


    • ‘Rude’ by Magic – Seriously, this song is so catchy and fun, and it just makes me want to start dancing. I’ve never been a huge fan of reggae-type music, but there is just something about this song that I just love. I can listen to it on repeat and not get sick of it. Seriously – check it out.


  • Active’s RockMyRun app – I tried this for the first time yesterday during my W3D1 run. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t know if it was going to be similar to Pandora and just have a bunch of songs in a row with a couple of commercials, or just a giant techno mix. Needless to say, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten through a run so fast (well, I guess in terms of the time flew by!) in my life. I chose the Active 5K Training Mix and it was 31 minutes of pure gloriousness. We had 80s music, today’s hits and even some songs I’ve never heard before, but all in remixed forms. The playlist never once stopped, and each song seamlessly flowed into the next. Honestly, if you need music to run, check it out. They have all sorts of playlists to choose from. And you can choose based on music taste or BPM. Definitely worth the download. Just make sure to download your playlist before you head out on your run. You need to have WiFi to do so.


  •  Spring WeatherFINALLY! After having the occasional 75 degree day, and the dropping back into the low 50’s, we are FINALLY getting some beautiful spring weather. High 60s today, 70s by weekend and 70s next week. THANK YOU MOTHER NATURE. It was like spring kept arriving, and promptly saying ‘Just Kidding!’ and reverting back to winter.
  • My Current ReadInto the Darkest Corner is seriously so good. I haven’t been able to put it down. Essentially, it bounces between 2004-2005 and 2007-2008, and a woman named Cathy who is in a bad relationship (abusive) and her recovery from OCD and Panic Attacks from said abuse in 2007-2008. I won’t give much away, except it’s just such a great book. Heartbreaking, and sad, but yet so happy and heartwarming at the same time. Sighhhh… just read it so I have someone to talk to about it :)
  • Editing lots and lots of horse photos – I’ve seriously been editing horses for two weeks non-stop and it’s amazing. I had the first round of the High Tail Acres Mini Sessions on May 18th along with the candids from my day at the barn, then horse show last weekend, and followed by more mini sessions tomorrow. If you didn’t know, I love horses. I’ve been riding literally almost my entire life, so photographing horses to me is heaven. (I love photographing people too!). Here is just one of the many from my photo Facebook page.10359522_529067730537045_8071509094974767088_n

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday!!