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What’s On My Mind Wednesday {6/11/14}



It’s that time of the week again! It’s time for ……


My birthday: Next week, I turn the big 2-8. I know it’s not a big birthday by any means, but for the first time in my life, I’m kind of in denial. I think it’s the fact that I’m closing in on 30. And the fact that my 10-year High School Reunion is this year. I’m just suddenly starting to realize I’m in my late twenties now. Even though sometimes I still feel like I just turned 21! 😉

Spain: A month from today, we will be in sunny, hot southern Spain for 10 days. I can’t even believe that we are down to 30 days. It doesn’t seem real. I feel like we just booked it yesterday. But it’s been almost 5 months. I can’t wait to see my best friend and her husband. I can’t wait to explore a new country with my fiance. I can’t wait to travel internationally with my fiance. I just can’t wait to travel. I love traveling.

We’re definitely hitting Seville, Vejer de la Frontera, and some other local spots. But any fun little day trips that are worth checking out would be greatly appreciated!

Couch to 5K: I finished Week 4, Day 3 today. I made it through the three days of 3 minute and 5 minute runs. Next week starts 5 minute, 8 minute and one 20 MINUTE RUN! I’m seriously freaking out. I keep trying to tell myself that I can do it. But I’m scared. I told myself that if I can do that 20 minute run with no issues…. I’ll signing up for the first 5K. Because if I can run for 20 minutes, than I know I go further than that.

I keep reminding myself Duration – Not Distance. Even though I want to be running 10 minute miles already!

Untitled design(4)Also – I’m kind of obsessed with my Teal Running Shoes.

Which leads me too…..

Running Music: I need to have music blasting in order to have a successful run. I know most people do. It helps me to zone out. I don’t think of my aching legs and breathing nearly as much. However, I’m finding I’m in a total music rut. I’m bored with my playlist. I like the RockmyRun app, but it’s the same playlists over and over with no shuffle. Pandora is quirky when there isn’t a good internet connection, however, I do love it when I’m not running.

I even tried redoing my playlist. And it didn’t help. I just don’t know what to do…. I guess I should listen to Pandora’s Dancehall channel and see if I can come across anything that makes me dance at my desk. That is usually how I know it’s going to be a good running song!

And finally…

100 Books in 2014: I have set this goal for myself in 2012 and 2013. I’ve been just shy each year. I promised myself I would make it this year. It works out to be like 8.5 books per month. Totally doable seeing how much I read. I realized on Monday night, that it’s almost the halfway point. At this point, I should have read just around 50 books. Guess how many I’ve actually read?


I’m 14 books shy of even being on track. So guess who is now reading like a banshee to catch up to said goal.



Questions for you:

1. Have you ever been to the Rota/Cadiz area of Spain? What is a must-see?

2. What kind of music pumps you up for your workout?

3. Have you ever set a reading goal for yourself? How did you do?

Have a happy Wednesday!

What’s On My Mind Wednesday {6/4/14}

Happy Hump Day! Hope you’re week is going well. Before I head into today’s post let me just say HAPPY NATIONAL RUNNING DAY!


I’m pretty excited that I can actually write and post this because for the first time in my life I feel like a runner. I’m not there yet, but with every step I’m getting closer.

Okay, moving on. Today is ‘What’s On My Mind Wednesday’.


So what’s on my mind today?

Breathing while Running: I know it sounds silly, but I’m still having a lot of trouble figuring out my breathing. I’ve focused on patterns, on just zoning out, just not thinking about it, etc. I know I’m huffing and puffing because my lungs are getting used to the exercise, but there are times it’s more of I can’t catch my breath and I’m wheezing. It was a little better yesterday. I took it a bit slower, but pushed with more running. Every now and then I would push my speed, and see how I did. I think it’s getting better? But any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

iOS 8: I’m an Apple junkie. I mean, I have an iPad, iPhone, iPod (which I no longer really use), and a Macbook. At any given time, you can find me on at least one of my devices… if not two of them. So let’s just say, twice a year, when Apple has their developer’s conference and their product launch, I’m glued to the live feed. Unfortunately, I couldn’t watch it this year, but I did follow along with Mashable’s written feed.

Last year when iOS 7 was released, like most people, I was pretty excited. It was such a new look and new experience, it gave new life to the iPhone. However, recently, I’ve been missing the older look – the look that drew many of us to the iPhone. Was I disappointed with the iOS 8 announcement? Far from it. Sure, it looks the same, but it seems like it’s going to be more streamlined and you’re finally going to be able to sync all of your devices without too much effort. With new features like smarter keyboard, being able to send a map location of where you are in a text, family sharing with iTunes and iBooks, and having your photos now show up on all your devices, I’m definitely excited. It will breathe a bit of new life to my iPhone that is starting to seem tired and dull.

Which leads me too……

Apps: Being an iPhone junkie also means I’m an app junkie. I feel like I’m constantly downloading new apps, using them once, and deleting them (thank god for iCloud). But lately, I feel like I’ve grown bored with my apps. I use the same apps every day. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Mail, iMessage, Phone, MapMyFitness, Music, Couch to 5K, and so on. But I’m on the prowl with some new apps, whether they are useful or just plain old fun.

Now I ask you – what are you’re favorite apps? What apps can’t you live without?

Books: Since my ‘Five Things Friday Post’, I’m managed to start and finish two books, and start a third. Which is amazing. I love to read. I read constantly. But the last couple of months have been so busy, and we were glued to Breaking Bad on Netflix, I haven’t read nearly as much as I had been. My goal is 100 books for this year. I’ve tried for the last two years and have gotten very close, but this year is my year. So back to some hard core reading. Oh and the books? ‘Into the Darkest Corner’, ‘The Secret of Isobel Key’ and I am halfway through ‘Stronger’ by Jeff Bauman. bauman_cover_image2Source

MH370 – Okay. I won’t lie, and it’s going to sound awful, but I actually had completely forgotten about this. It was such a huge deal in March. It had literally taken over Newsfeeds, reports, twitter…. everywhere. And then the reports disappeared (no pun intended). I was reminded of it this past weekend when an alert popped on my phone from CNN that the pings that were heard in the Indian Ocean were now thought to NOT be from the black box, meaning they are now no closer to finding the plane then they were when it went missing. But needless to say, I’m finding a lot of reports about it now. A lot more than I had for about a month…. so now it’s back on my mind, and I’m back wondering what the heck happened to the plane? Also – I received a HARO (Help a Reporter Out) inquiry in my e-mail yesterday looking for experts or theorists on the missing plane…. which I found interesting….

How do you become an expert on a missing plane?

On that note…. Happy Wednesday!

What’s On My Mind Wednesday {5/28/14}


Kimye Wedding: I honestly don’t even really want to talk about this. But it’s on my mind, therefore, it goes into today’s post. Congratulations to them. Honestly, I’m thrilled they found each and are now married. Now seriously media, cut the crap and stop talking about it. It’s over. Yes, Rob Kardashian supposedly left before the wedding in tears. But honestly, who really cares that much?

But enough is enough. Honestly. They are more important things happening. Like the missing school girls. Kimye is not an important topic. Also, I’m now considering opening a poll for how long their marriage lasts. (That’s pretty awful of me…. gosh, I shouldn’t have even gone there…)

However, you’re like me and are sick of hearing about it, but totally want to see pictures…. here’s a link.

Blogging: (Ironic I know….) But really. I finally took the step and made the blog self-hosted and got a custom theme for it. I love it. I really do. But I’m struggling with what plugin’s I should get, and adding other little things to make it more ‘me’. I have all the big ones – Shareholic, Yoast SEO, Google Analytics, and so on. And I think I really like my Instagram and Facebook plug in’s. But I still feel like it’s missing something. Any suggestions? Fellow bloggers – what did you find worked to really give your blog that little extra something?

Sweat Pink: I seriously love this group. After becoming an Ambassador in September, I finally started to get to know the group and see what it’s all about. And boy did I find one of the most (if not the most) supportive group of women out there. We all have one thing in common – being and/or getting healthy. And everyone is in a different phase of their journey. It’s amazing, and I’m so honored to be a part of that group. There is truly nothing better then ‘sweating pink!’

Travel: I love traveling. I hate flying. It’s a slight dilemma. But despite my fear of flying, I’ve been a lot of places. California twice, Las Vegas twice, Wyoming and Colorado, Mexico twice, British Virgin Islands, Florida (at least once a year from the time I was a baby until I was 10), Kentucky, Washington DC, Annapolis, and I’m sure there are others that aren’t coming to mind.


(Top – Standing in two states at once at the Hoover Dam; Arizona and Nevada. Bottom – Touching the Pacific Ocean for the first time. These were from our 2011 trip to California and Las Vegas)

I love exploring new places and being someplace different.In 2013, we traveled but not to an exotic new place for a vacation. I visited Washington, D.C. in March to see my best friend and Annapolis, MD in October for the best friend’s wedding. This year though… whole new ballgame. We will be off to Rota, Spain for ten days in July (!!!!), followed by a tentative trip to Las Vegas in November (!!!!). Lots of travel (and flying) this year! Fingers crossed I don’t have a complete and utter panic attack on the plane!

Alright – not too much on my mind today! Have a great Wednesday!

What’s On My Mind Wednesday [3.26.14]

We’re going to go right in to What’s On My Mind Wednesday today – hope you like the new graphic!


  1. MH370 – It’s been on everyone’s minds recently. I’ve been watching the reports, and as much I knew in my heart that the plane went down, I hoped for the sake of all of those people and their loved ones that it would be found somewhere with all occupants alive. Sadly, it doesn’t appear to be the case. I hope for all those involved, the wreckage is found soon and they can get some answers about what happened. So sad.

  2. Running – My foot pain is nearly gone. I say nearly, because it’s been bothering me a bit the last couple of days. I’m assuming it’s because I’m back to normal activity, but either way, I’m not trying to let it get me down. Last night was the first time in nearly 7 months that I was able to run. I’ve never been a runner, but I’ve always aspired to be a runner. After having this ridiculous injury set me back, I’m more determined than EVER to become a runner.

After work, despite how nervous I was, I hopped on a treadmill and started to warm up. I battled that little voice in my head saying just to walk for 30 minutes, but I knew I had a goal in mind. I at least wanted to see if I could do it; make sure I could do something far more strenuous without pain. And I did it. I managed to run for 3.5 minutes. It was a slow. But I did it. This may have been the longest stretch of time I’ve run for since I attempted Couch to 5K last year. I was shocked that I could actually breathe. Normally when I start thinking to much about my breathing, I panic, thus sending me into full on hyperventilating mode.

I kept up a routine of walk at 3.5 and run at 4.4 the entire time. I think in total I only ran for like 9 minutes. BUT I did it. Even when I wanted to quit because my legs felt so heavy, I pushed myself to do another round.

My quick notes while working out.
My quick notes while working out.

Now to just keep this up and bring it to the streets when it gets nice out.

  1. Weather – Which brings me to the weather. It’s official. I am so sick of New England. Well, I guess just the winter. It’s essentially been winter since November. I’m over it. It’s March 26th and the cape is getting hammered by a blizzard and it’s currently 30 degrees out. I’m sick of wearing my Ugg Boots, and my giant winter jacket and having to warm my car up before I get in it. It’s spring. Warm weather needs to be here… immediately.
This is a river.... not an ocean. Contrary to what it looks like.
This is a river…. not an ocean. Contrary to what it looks like.
  1. Running Sneakers and Workout Clothes – After I injured my foot, I vowed that if I really become a runner, I would get fitted for running sneakers. I want to make sure I never get injured again, at least in terms of my footwear. I’m running in my Nike Pegasus’s right now. I know they don’t have the best support for running, but for what I’m doing right now, they are perfect. And comfortable. And that’s what matters to me. Hopefully by summer I will get fitted.

I also realized last night that while my ratty old ‘Washington DC’ t-shirt is perfect for walking and the elliptical, it sucks to run in. It was totally drenched in sweat, and I’m pretty sure it added 10 lbs on to my already heavy frame (essentially the 10 lbs I lost already!). Needless to say, tonight I’ll be trying one of my UnderArmour tops – hopefully that will help!

photo 1

  1. Thinspo and Social Media – A hot topic around the blogosphere right now. Eating disorders are so prevalant and even more so now with social media. #Thinspo and similar hashtags are common on Instagram, but Instagram makes sure to have a disclaimer up about eating disorders and how to get help. I’m very impressed that social media sites are now trying to help those who are battling this. This very idea is what helped come up with the ‘Growing Up Alex’ series. She has an amazing story to tell, and I wanted to be bring awareness to it. I’m proud of her for telling her story and I hope you check it out. Part 3 will be up on the blog tomorrow!

I guess that’s it! Not too much on my mind this week.

Happy Hump Day my friends!

What’s On My Mind Wednesday

Yep – I am introducing a new ‘weekly’ (I say that loosely) post. Essentially, it’s an update post with a fun title and a little of what’s going on in my head. There are always lots of things going through my head so it will be a way for me to express it. Off we go!

My foot: Yes, this has made a regular appearance on the blog since September. And hopefully soon, the appearance of the issues will disappear and be replaced with happy exercise and possibly even running posts! Keep those fingers (and toes) crossed for being pain-free within a week! Why you ask? I went to my ortho yesterday and he gave me a cortisone shot.

photo 4

I knew this was probably going to happen since last week, and I was essentially dreading it since the moment I decided to do it. I’ve heard horror stories about the shot itself, but how much they helped in the end. So I prepped myself for the pain about to come my way. And the dreaded needle that was to be inserted into the joint of my foot. I hate needles.

Lucky for me, I didn’t feel a thing. And the so-called ‘giant needle’ was teeny. Like the smallest needle I’ve ever seen. Honestly, my foot pain has been worse than that shot.

So today, it’s turning all kinds of fun colors. It’s sore, but not the same kind of sore it’s been. It’s definitely more of a ‘you had a needle jammed into your foot’ sore. But this morning was the first morning since September, that I didn’t wake up and hobble to the kitchen because of how stiff and sore my foot was. I started to hobble, out of habit, and then realized that I had no pain. It was stiff, but not hurting. My morning immediately got awesome because for the first time in six months, I could see a light at the end of the tunnel.

And for the record, I’ve been diagonsed with synovitis.

Missing Malayasian Jet: I’m sure this is on most of your minds. This story fascinates me. And not in a good way. I’m GLUED to the reports. I’m anxiously awaiting news that SOMETHING was found. I just can’t wrap my head around how a jet carrying over 230 people can just disappear without a trace. I know things happen and it can cause a plane to disintegrate or crash, but wouldn’t they have found SOMETHING by now?! Anyways, my thoughts are with all those involved. It’s a horrible situation and I pray that they have answers soon.

Spring: I need spring. I need warm weather. I need the sun. It was 55 here yesterday. And I was practically ready to bust out the flip flops and shorts. (Okay, maybe not the shorts.) I had my sunroof open and let the sun just beat in on me. I felt so rejuvenated and happy yesterday. I caught an amazing sunrise on the way to work, and it was just a good day.

Copyright: eryn e photography; please no stealing
Copyright: eryn e photography; please no stealing

Today it’s back in the thirties and we’re supposedly getting 1-3 inches of snow overnight. It’s raining now. I want the sun back.

Books: No words needed. This book is available 4/1. You should pre-order it. It’s pretty awesome.

photo 3

Fashion by Mayhem: If you haven’t seen this blog or Instagram, check it out. I’m kind of in love with it. This little girl is amazing, and probably a future fashion designer. I just hope when she makes it big someday she continues to use Mayhem as her name. It’s pretty awesome. They’ve been featured on Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Today, among others. Below is one of my favorites… I did a screenshot of their IG page, but make sure you go check them out for yourself. They are amazing.

Tropical vacation vision board dress – LOVE

Instagram: If you didn’t know, I love social media. So much, in fact, that along with my Master’s in Marketing, I have a graduate certificate in social media marketing. Unfortunately, Instagram was still pretty new to the game when I got my degree, and we focused more on Facebook and Twitter.

Needless to say, I’m trying to learn as much as possible as marketing successfully on Instagram, both professionally and personally. My personal one is a lot like this blog, just a glimpse at my life (it’s to the right of this post), but I still try to post things on their that people would enjoy seeing. I want pretty, whimsical and fun things on there, but can never achieve the effect I see on others.

Any ways, my current goal is to build my own personal Instagram up. I love it, and it’s easily become my favorite social media tool. I’m always working to build my professional (work) one. I would love to hear any thoughts/suggestions/ideas you have for both! I’m not a fan of doing the ‘follow4follow’, ‘like4like’ on my work page, so but haven’t tried it on my personal.

Also – I can’t stand the people that follow you, just to have you follow them back, and once you follow them, they promptly unfollow you…..

If you follow me, please don’t unfollow me once I follow you. It’s just rude. And totally spammy. (Rant over.)

If anyone has any thoughts/suggestions/ideas, please comment below. Would love to hear your thoughts.

PS – Follow me at erynecarter06 – I usually follow back.

Okay, What’s On My Mind Wednesday is officially over. :)