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Happy Memorial Day!

To my all of my family members who have served our country,

To friends and acquaintances, and to all of those currently serving or have served our country,

And to those who have given their lives serving and protecting our country,

We honor each and every one of you today. Thank you for your bravery, strength and love of our great country.

Happy Memorial Day.

FoH 5 WM

A Weekend of Horses and Flowers

Memorial Day Weekend. The unofficial start to summer.

For many, it’s a weekend full of graduation parties, cookouts and long hours of sitting in traffic. For me, since I was about 14 years old, it has been a horse show weekend.


Now for those who don’t know, I have been riding horses since I was 9, competed until I was 22 and have since retired from the show ring and am now enjoying watching my fellow barn mates and students competing in the show ring. I don’t get too many shows anymore as my schedule just doesn’t allow for it, but with The Greater Boston Charity Horse Show just twenty minutes away in Topsfield, MA, I couldn’t help but spend as much time there as humanly possible.

In the old days, I would spend hours by the rail, camera in tow, taking picture after picture, trying to perfect my horse show picture taking skills. Nowadays, while I still love to take pictures, I tend to take pictures more of the High Tail Acres riders instead. This weekend was no exception. My zoom unfortunately does not have the capability of my previous cameras, but I was able to catch some great and memorable shots and capture some great moments in the barn.

Abi BW 7

Abi Rudi 3

After a wonderful weekend of horses and good friends/family, today I played around with settings and did my next favorite thing – drive around aimlessly looking for a great photo op. I ended up down in Newbury on the road leading to Olde Newbury Country Club, followed by taking pictures of some unique flowers in my garden.

15 MPH copy

Bleeding Hearts

Columbine 3

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Water, Sun & Sand – An Afternoon of Modeling

I don’t normally post twice in one day, but I just had to post a few sneak peaks from today’s modeling shoot. I’ve known Emalie since she was 5 and just love what a beautiful young woman she has become. She is a natural in front of the camera and absolutely adorable. We had a lot of fun shooting at various locations including Plum Island where she climbed up on jetties and played in the water (she didn’t get too wet, but I sure did when I got nailed by a wave!). After Plum Island, we ventured to Spencer Pierce Little Farm where we took some adorable shots with their resident Quarter Horse, Schooner.


I am thrilled with how today’s pictures came out! Enjoy the sneak peek!

Emalie 9Emalie 15

Emalie 23

Emalie 29

Emalie 31 Emalie 39

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Overcast Skies & Bright Colors

Welcome to New England. The only place that the temperatures can be in the mid-80s one day and drop into the mid-40s the next. Even though the temperature only hovered around the 40, I did not spend my day huddled inside.


With the spring housing market upon us, we ventured out to six open houses all over the North Shore. Most were up around Amesbury and Salisbury, but we opted for an adventure down to Gloucester and Rockport to check out a couple as well. I took this as an opportunity to see an area of Massachusetts that I have never seen before! Amazing I know since I’ve lived in MA my entire life. Good thing I remembered my camera.

Even though it was cool out (and even cooler at the Rockport coast), today was meant for taking pictures. Overcast skies make for perfect picture taking because it allows all of the  colors around us just popped! This is just one of the many things I learned that I hadn’t known before! Thank you to Kelly Mintz, See Shore Photography for teaching a great class for the last six weeks!

I fell in love with the beauty of Rockport. The quaint feeling of the downtown was whimsical. It almost seemed like we had stepped back in time. I felt like I was no longer on the North Shore, but rather visiting Cape Cod. I can’t wait to go back and spend time there this summer.

Needless to say, we may not have found a house today, but I definitely found some new shoot locations for this summer.

Boat House

Rockport Dingys

Lobster Traps

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Spring in February

It’s February 19th and winter is nearly over. For us New Englanders, we all know this is rare. By now we usually have four feet of snow with three more coming. We’ve had barely an inch this year and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Even though we’ve lacked snow, we definitely haven’t lacked in cold weather. So on a February day, when the temperatures climb into the mid-40’s, it’s time to get outside and enjoy the weather.


Most Sundays are spent doing laundry and catching up on things I haven’t had time to do during the week. Today, I enjoyed a fun day at the barn. For those who know me, riding and horses has been my passion since I was 9 years old. It was where I went no matter what was going on in my life and the one place I turned when everything else seemed to going downhill. To do this day, there is still just something about being at the barn and surrounding myself with some of my favorite horses.

With the beautiful weather outside, the horses enjoyed a fun day of playing. Which for me meant a fun day of photography. With camera in tow, I spent most of my morning taking some great pictures, both inside and outside, and testing out my macro lens on our lesson horse, Ruby’s watch eye.

The day was not complete with out an afternoon trail ride (IN FEBRUARY….unheard of). What a day. I just hope spring turns out to be as beautiful as our winter has been.


chaz american saddlebred

Ollie having a nice roll

Ollie Rolling


Jackson 2

And my personal favorite…

Reflection in Ruby’s Eye
Rubys_Eye_Self_PortraitUntil next time!

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Tutus, Beaches and 2012!

2012 has officially arrived. With the arrival of  a new year, also means the arrival of new goals and resolutions, as well as new adventures. 2012 is bound to be a year filled with new experiences and I couldn’t be more excited. More on that down the road.


On Friday night, I had an early New Years celebration hanging out with three wonderful girls. It was a nice night, complete with makeovers, tutu’s and dance parties. Each of the girls had a custom-made tutu made by the talented Joanne from Custard Shoppe, and they were not your typical tutu. The colors were so vibrant and reflected each of the girls personalities perfectly. We danced, modeled and just had a fantastic evening.


Three Tutus Watermark

With the arrival of the new year, I decided to take off on the beautiful 50 degree day and learn more about using my new camera. Today I focused on keeping my camera on manual at all times to have full control of how my pictures came out. While it was difficult and  frustrating at times, I did manage to gather some fantastic shots.  Needless to say, I was pleased with how the images turned out.

Hampton Beach Watermark

Colony Motel Watermark

I also tried my hand out at HDR photography. It is tricky, and when done right, can create some surreal and unreal looking images. I was pleased with the result as well, and now know just how it needs to be done.

HDR Beach

HDR Sky 2

So bring on 2012 – its bound to be a year full of excitement!

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Power Outage’s Make for Great Photography Excursions

The October Snowstorm came and went, but left hundreds of thousands without power. During Hurricane Irene at least, it was still warm out. Losing power when it’s 30 degrees out is just not the adventure that one would think it might be. Look at this way – it’s like camping in the winter, except instead of camping you are huddled under mounds of blankets and numerous layers just trying to keep warm. Grab a book and just kick back. Or if you get too cold, hop in your car and drive around with the heat on.


We were one of the lucky few who didn’t lose power during the storm (during is the key word in this sentence). Instead, we lost it at 11:15 AM, when the storm was long behind us, the snow was melting and everything seemed to be warming up back to typical October weather. Don’t worry, it didn’t make sense to me either.

So after a morning at the barn and a nice hot shower, I began my day. Since there was no power and boredom would have set in pretty fast on this perfect Sunday afternoon, I grabbed my camera and wondered around my great little city. Sometimes loss of power can turn positive, like today, and it gave me a burst of creativity.

My first stop was Cashman Park – one of my town’s great little parks that has plenty of recreation space, a revamped playground and a boat launch, all along the scenic Merrimac River. The wind was whipping pretty good when I got out of the car, but with the sun shining bright, it allowed me to take pretty vivid shots.
Cashman Park 4

Gillis Bridge

Next on the photography excursion was Atkinson Common. Another of my cities great little parks. Everyone that grew up in Newburyport has some form of memory from this park. Atkinson is known for their creepy tower that stands in the middle near the tennis courts. Growing up, it was always the topic of ghost stories and hauntings. It’s even creepier when you get up near it and look inside the jail-like bars upside. It definitely reminds me of an old jail (fitting for Halloween..)

Atkinson Tower

Atkinson is full of beautiful surprises (especially in the summer). Below are just a couple more of the beauty within this park.

Oak Tree
Atkinson StatueOnce I made it home from my little excursion, the power had been restored! Needless to say, maybe a little power outage isn’t such a bad thing (unless it’s been out for a long time, or it’s cold out… or you have other things to be doing besides going out and taking pictures…).

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Fall in New England

I’ve decided. Fall is in my favorite time of year in New England. There is just something about the change in the air, the beautiful colors and the fall foods. Pumpkin flavored everything (coffee, muffins and bread just to name a few), fresh apples and apple picking, hay rides and driving around aimlessly on a perfect Fall afternoon, camera in tow, capturing the feel and essence of what it is all about.


I had every intention to go to a farm stand and take pictures of the gourds and pumpkins, along with anything else that reminded me of fall. Unfortunately, time (and a bad cold) got in my way. I ended up right near my home – at the Artichoke, which made for the perfect backdrop for an hour of photography. While the colors still aren’t a peak, it still provided that feeling of fall in New England.

Turkey Hill Farm BW

Red Leaf

Artichoke 2

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Boston By Sea and A Fall Whale Watch

I’ve never been one to appreciate architecture, but after today, I might just take a little bit more of an interest in it. At least in terms of photography.


On this glorious October day, and what I can only assume will be the last day of summer, I headed into Boston with my fellow adventurers, also known as my parents, and went on a Whale Watch. Let me just say, if you are looking to go on a Whale Watch anytime soon, go out of Boston. It’s completely worth it. And the architecture of the city is just stunning as well.

Boston Strong

Not only was today the perfect ‘last summer day’, the way the sun was shining made for near perfect photography conditions. It provided me with some neat shadows and contrasts. Now on this lovely day, I decided to leave my brand new camera at home (for fear that I might drop it over board… I’m a huge klutz) and used my Nikon Coolpix S630 . I love this little camera and it still provides me with quality shots when I need them.

Now onto the real reason we went into Boston – the Whale Watch. We went out of the New England Aquarium (our second journey here this summer) and it was worth every minute on the water. We saw an estimated 6-10 Humpback Whales, as well as a number of sea birds. This time of year the whales are finishing up their feeding time before they migrate down to the Caribbean for the winter (lucky ducks!)

My mother had never been on a whale watch, and the last time I had been on one I was about 10 years old, so it was extremely exciting seeing the whales up close and personal. If you’re interested in learning more about the whale watch we attended today, make sure to check out the NEAQ Whale Watch log.

For me, there was nothing more elegant than seeing the plume of a whale exhaling as they surfaced from the water and rose up out of it. It is incredible that a creature that large can be that graceful. Below are a few of the pictures from the excursion out on the water. Unfortunately, without my nice camera, it was hard to take great shots out at sea, but the little camera did the trick on some of them!


Humpback Tail 2

Whale PlumeBelow are just a few more images from the trip out and back in. Who knew Boston was so beautiful by water.

Boston LightBoston Light

Lovells IslandLovell’s Island

Boston SkylineThe Boston Skyline

Remember to keep checking back here for more updates on my adventures and make sure to check out my Etsy account for the latest photography!

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