#MicroblogMonday #2 – Goals and Resolutions

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In two days (three if you’re counting today), 2014 will be over. It will be just another year that has come and gone. Another year that we will say just went too fast.

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And it’s true. At least for me. As I get older, the years seem to fly by. I set goals, not resolutions, for the coming year around December. I take the time to brainstorm and think about what I want for the new year. Not what I plan to change, but what I want to accomplish. And suddenly (poof!), the year is gone and we’re into the new year. And I find myself looking back wondering if I managed to accomplish what I had planned.

But we all know that sometimes our best laid plans change.

And often times, it can be for the best.

As 2014 comes to a close, and we enter 2015, take a moment to remind yourself of all you have accomplished. Don’t focus on the items that you didn’t get a chance to complete, but rather, all of those items that you were able to check off, or even the ones that arose out of the blue and that became added accomplishments to your goal list. The ones you didn’t get to in 2014, will still be there in 2015.

And always remember, you’re creating an outline of goals you hope to accomplish in the new year; not resolutions for the new year.

Goals can be completed; resolutions are usually abandoned by spring time.

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5 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday #2 – Goals and Resolutions”

  1. I never thought of it that way, Eryn! Goals instead of resolutions…and I was just thinking I hadn’t written any resolutions down yet! I usually write them in my journal so I can go back and review them…usually before I write them for the new year!! And, if I DID happen to accomplish anything, I’ll jot it down beside that entry…but maybe this year should be more about goals – hmmm – what a great idea!!! Thanks for sharing – and for the idea that is now in my head!!! Good luck with YOUR goals…I’ll get mine written out soon – but now, I am curious as to what I put down last year for 2014 and need to find that journal so I can read them!!
    Barbara recently posted…December 25th – The Big DayMy Profile

      1. Don’t worry – I took care of it :) And thank you for your response! I’ll be working on my own list of goals for 2015 soon. Can’t wait to read yours!

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