Free Time Overload

I apologize for the lack of posts the last couple of weeks. Life got, let’s just say, a bit hectic. There are some major changes happening in my world (all good changes!), so stay tuned. I just wanted to drop a quick, well somewhat quick post, just to let everyone know that I haven’t deserted the blog. We’ll just call it a lack of creativity.

My master’s degree finally arrived. After two years of tireless nights, several papers and countless days of frustration, I finally have that all important piece of paper.


Despite saying, I’m completely done with school, I already have that slight urge to learn something else. But for now, I think I will just focus on my career and enjoying my life again.

With all of this free time, I’ve been reading A LOT again. The book I just finished made me think quite a bit about the afterlife. Now, I wouldn’t call myself religious. I didn’t grow up in a super religious household (shh… don’t tell my grandparents), but I would say my family did instill a sense of spirituality in me. I went to church as a child and completed my first communion (I was baptized catholic, but received my first communion at an episcopalian church), but not much more past that. But after reading this last book, I do feel I have a different idea about where we go after we die.

If you haven’t read Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo, check it out. Don’t be turned off by it’s religious undertones. It is a story that everyone will be able to relate to in some way. Especially if you’ve lost a loved one.  The story is incredible and it’s the easiest 150 pages I’ve ever read. But I walked away from really thinking about those that I have lost. After putting the book down, I found myself thinking about my family members who have passed on and comforted in knowing that someday I will see them again.

I won’t go much farther in because quite frankly I don’t want to start a religious debate. But read this book, even if you’re not religious or spiritual. You won’t regret it. I promise. (But if you don’t like it… don’t blame me either :) I’m just the messenger.)

On that note, I promise that the next blog post will be back to my norm: more creativity, more pictures and less ranting just to fill space.

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Never Forget – Where I Was on September 11th

September 11th is a day in history that we will always remember. It was a day that will remain etched in our minds for eternity. For many of us, we can remember the exact place we were when we found out the first plane crashed into the World Trade Center. It was at that moment that we knew our lives had changed forever.


I was a sophomore in high school, just old enough to know what was going, but young enough to still be naive to the horrible human beings out there in this world. It was Biology and we were working on an assignment in class. My teacher was out in the back room on her computer and came back in and said ‘A plane just crashed into the World Trade Center. I think someone is trying to kill the president’ and began laughing. We all just thought it was a freak accident, completely unaware about what had just happened on our own soil. It was a little bit later that morning that we heard about the second plane, as well as the Pentagon and just how real this was. At lunch, everyone was chattering about the events that had taken place. Many joked that this was about the President, while many were worried if there identities were now gone because the Pentagon had been hit (remember, we were all just 14 and 15 years old and still pretty unaware of how the world and the government worked). All in all, we were all nervous, worried and scared.

In my World Literature class, we discovered that one of our classmate’s brothers was supposed to be working at the World Trade Center that day. No one could get a hold of him in her family. In a time when we were nervous and just wanted to be home with our families, we found ourselves consoling her. Just a small example of how such a tragedy has the capability to bring a group of people together. In the end, it turns out he had been traveling out of state on business. In history that day, I asked my teacher if we were going to be holding class. He looked at me and said ‘Eryn, you’re living history right before your eyes.’ We sat in our classroom, with another classroom from next door and listened to the radio about what had transpired that day.

None of us truly realized how much our lives had just changed.

At 19, I traveled to New York City with my father’s 8th grade class that year. It was the first time I had stepped foot in NYC since the attacks, and we had the privilege of visiting Ground Zero. It was still in the excavation process and the damage to the surrounding buildings was still quite evident. The flag and the cross that were discovered and hung on the days following the attack, still stood where it had first been placed. Seeing Ground Zero in person was both humbling and eerie. Seeing the giant hole in the ground where those towers once stood and knowing how many people lost their lives was just an indescribable feeling. At the same time, I felt like I was standing on sacred ground.

Here we are, 10 years later, still fighting the War on Terrorism, still fighting those same terrorists that attacked our people on our own soil. But in the last ten years, the wounds have healed and we have began to rebuild. We will always remember the lives lost that day and all the lives lost in the war that followed. But if nothing else, the attacks on September 11th, 2001 have made us as Americans stronger.

In honor of 9/11, a Field of Honor was set up on our local pond. Each flag was dedicated to someone. It’s a place to remember and place to reflect. But also a place to recognize all those people who dedicated their lives to keeping us safe.

Field of Honor 2 Watermark

So to those who have lost their lives fighting for our country (and to those who still continue to fight or have fought)

Derek Hines

And to those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

We will never forget.

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Summer, Where Did You Go?

It seems like just yesterday I was counting down the days for graduate school to be over. I couldn’t wait, but at the same time, it meant that summer would be over too. Suddenly, I felt like I was in a catch-22. While I wanted school to be over, I never wanted the summer to end. It was a wonderful summer. I had a great birthday with family, watched one of my closest friends get married, re-did my bedroom and my parents bedroom, and spend countless hours with the people I love the most.


Before I knew it, Labor Day weekend was here. The official end of summer. And thankfully, the weather could not have been more perfect. So on Sunday afternoon, my parents and I took a spur of the moment trip into Boston where we ate a delicious lunch at The Chart House and visited the New England Aquarium. I felt like a kid again at the Aquarium.

I got to pet a sting ray…

Me Touching a Ray 2 smaller

And see lots of penguins (my favorite!)

Penguin 2

Penguins on rock

And even got to see some sharks (also a giant sea turtle, but did not get any good pictures of him)! 

Shark Aquarium

And for the record, I’m still petrified of sharks. Seeing this guy up close only made it worse.

Needless to say, it was one of those days that I will always remember and make me wish summer would last forever.

What are your favorite summertime memories?

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The Beauty of Everyday Life

With my creativity flowing again, I always feel like I’m looking at life in a different way. Instead of just seeing a pretty flower, I think of ways to frame it and how I could make the color pop. And with the fantastic cool fall morning, I begin to imagine just how I could capture that in words. It always seems like the little things are what spur the best creativity.


A couple weeks back, right after purchasing my new camera Nikon D90, I ventured into my backyard to test it out and see what I could capture. Not only was I very much out of practice with the whole photography thing, I was just a little bit intimidated by camera. I bought it so I could grow into it – and that’s just what I plan to do. Wandering around my backyard made me realize just how beautiful the little things are and helped me to see my own surroundings in a completely different way.

The next few images are images taken in my backyard. Some are edited, and some are not.

Bumblebee in Hanging Plant

Bumblebee in Flowers



Bug Resting

Candy Cane Flower

Candy Cane Flowers Watermark

I discovered that one of the best places to go on a photographic adventure is in my own backyard!

Check out my Etsy Shop for more images and please don’t take any of these without permission.

I am available for photography as well. Please e-mail me at

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Wine and Creativity Go Hand in Hand

For those who know me, they will tell you I love life.

Granted, when I’m in a horrendous mood, I see the bad in everything. Thankfully for everyone around me, my goal is to see the sunny side of life. An eternal optimist.  I like to pretend that there aren’t horrible people out there, or that terrible events occur simple because one country despises another. I just want everyone to be happy. Perhaps this is just me being naive, but I’m going to crawl back into my happy bubble now and let you make your own decision.


Yesterday, as a drove home from work (I have a 40 minute commute on beautiful back roads), I blasted Sugarland and just thought about life. The 10 year anniversary of 9/11 is upon us and like many, I remember exactly what I was doing. The next year that followed, was the year that I really found my voice and began writing heavily in a journal. I did this for the next 5 years. I filled about 14 journals with all of my thoughts, wishes, hopes and dreams and even my horrible days and awful thoughts. As I drove, I began to think about what I wanted from my life and where I want to be.

And then I remembered…

I just want to be able to write again. And not just blog, but literally write. I’ve been writing a novel since I was 19. Maybe it’s time to complete it.

And creativity isn’t complete without a nice bottle of wine! Perhaps it’s time to crack a bottle open and get back to work. Maybe I’ll finally finish before I turn 30.

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The Free Time is Endless

Graduate school is officially over. Another huge chapter in my life has been finished. And per usual, the change has really gotten to me. It’s like suddenly I have more time than I know what to do with. I have time to read a book, crochet a blanket, and even take some pictures. This past weekend was the first weekend I didn’t have schoolwork to do. Thankfully, I stayed busy. Even during Hurricane Tropical Storm Irene. I crocheted, I read and I spent time with my parents. It was wonderful.


But suddenly Monday came. Work was slightly quiet. Normally, I would pick away at some school work. But there was nothing to do (homework wise I mean). While it’s the best feeling in the world, I’m suddenly grasping at straws. But at the end of the day, having free time again isn’t such a horrible thing. Just like when school began and I had to learn how to manage time, now I just need to learn how to do the same again. This time with a little reading.

Reading Now: Little Bee by Chris Cleave (AMAZING)

A little crocheting…

(Lion Brand Homespun – Seafoam)

And even a little fun with my parents and photography too.

Mom and I had some fun with my new camera one Sunday afternoon

All in all, the amount of free time I have is daunting (as everyone said it would be), but I’m thankful the amount I have. I feel like I can now focus on aspects of my life that I haven’t been able too in awhile and enjoy every day to the fullest.

Have you ever been intimidated by the amount of free time you have?

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Welcome to A Glimpse Into Eryn’s World – The First Post

Welcome to a glimpse into my world.

Bear with me as I learn how to use WordPress and make this blog look fresh and fun… it might take me sometime.


For those reading, here’s a little background on me.

I graduated with my BA in Communications in ’08 where I was one of the last classes to learn print journalism. As you all know, print journalism is on the outs. I managed to wrangle a job at a publishing company where I had been a temp. That quickly ended as I realized the day in and day out of the same task just wasn’t for me. I left and began working back at the riding stable where I grew up while I looked for something new. I ended up working part-time at a liquor store as a Front End Manager learning as much as I possibly could about wines, beers and liquors for a year while I floundered around, got the last of my partying out of the way and realized I needed to find a real career. After another odd job of working at a gym, I landed a job at an up and coming company as a receptionist where I was quickly thrown into learning numerous different things, including marketing.

This is when I realized that marketing would be a good fit for me. It was the perfect blend of logic and creativity that I was looking for and was not a ‘desk job’ so to speak. I did my research, found a good graduate school program (one that did not require the GREs) and applied. Before I knew it, I was going to be starting my MS in Marketing in September of 2009. I had always said I would take a year off before starting school and I did exactly that.

Not long after enrolling, I was laid off. I floundered again, went back to working at my barn part-time and landed a gig as a Marketing and Office Assistant for a local limousine company. I was put in charge of the social media campaign and their newsletter. While there, I took advantage and learned as much as possible again. Working part-time was wonderful and allowed me to be able to spend a solid year focusing on school.

In August ’10, I learned I would be going back to the previous company, but this time as a Marketing and Office Assistant. I would still work the front desk, but would now have the ability to do some marketing and learn those ropes too. I’ve been back for almost a year (September 20th) and this past year has flown by. Not only was I working full-time, but I was still in school full-time. I should have mentioned that I did my ENTIRE program online. Extreme flexibility.

But now, I will officially be done with my Masters as of August 27th, 2011. The degree will be in my possession as of September 15th. And hopefully, my Marketing career will then take off. With school ending, I’m finding myself constantly wondering where my life will take me. Several people have asked me if I will go on to get my PhD. (The answer is no). The only thing that truly matter to me is that I did it. And I am just about done…

This blog will detail my life after graduate school. A time in my life where I suddenly find I have free time again and have the ability to explore my passions, without the stress of getting homework done hanging over my head.


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