#Microblog Monday #10: Spring Ahead

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It seems like Daylight Savings comes earlier and earlier every year. Wasn’t it always closer to the end of March/beginning of April?

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This year, as everyone knows, it was this past weekend. And after the winter we’ve had, I’m definitely not complaining. Sure, losing an hour of sleep is hard. Especially for those who really love their sleep. Not too mention, it completely screws up my internal clock for a solid week.

But spring ahead always provides us with hope. That after such a horrible winter, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Spring is coming.

My favorite part of spring ahead? The longer days. Which I’m guessing is everyone’s favorite part. I love seeing the sun out until 7 at night. I love being able to leave the gym, and still have it bright out. I love knowing that once the snow melts, we can be outside well into the evening.

We made it through one hell of a winter. We made it to Daylight Savings. And now, we just wait as the temperatures begin to climb and we finally reach out beautiful New England spring.

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6 thoughts on “#Microblog Monday #10: Spring Ahead”

  1. I am in the class of those who DO NOT LIKE to Spring Forward!! I have a very hard time sleeping as it is; and losing an hour of sleep throws me off – for MORE than just a week!

    But…I love that you have shared HOPE for the SPRING that is just around the corner! I DO love the longer evenings; the sun still out ’til 7ish; being able to be out in the evenings, and still have the light…Yes, there IS hope; and I will HOPE my sleep recovers and I DO enjoy the Spring that is coming!

    Thanks for sharing!
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