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My Must-Have Tools for Blogging

As a blogger, I’m always on the hunt for new tools to help make my blog look better and keep functioning. From tools that I can help make my images look nice, to apps that can help spark some inspiration, and even to apps that can help me on the go, in case I don’t have access to my laptop.

Blogging ToolsUnsplash // Jeff Sheldon

Here are some of the apps I rely on.

iPhone Camera

This one might be pretty obvious. I love taking pictures with my Nikon D610, but it’s not always feasible to carry it around with me. My iPhone 6 has an incredible camera on it, and since my phone is always at my side, I always have a camera with me.

PicLab or PicLabHD

I love imagery with motivational quotes. I love posting them on Instagram, but also for use on my blog. Both of these apps (you get them here and here) are great because you can add your quotes right on your images. The free version doesn’t have a ton of quotes to use, but you can purchase packages that will open up more for you.

i can i will correct
Created with PicLab


VSCO Cam is probably one of my most used apps. I edit a lot images in this app, as many people do. I love the filters they offer, but also the fading effect you can create with it. It can help to create some really lovely images for your blog. Plus I want to be insta-famous for my pictures, and I feel like everyone that is uses VSCO Cam.


I use PicMonkey for just about everything. Most of photos that have that a title included on them for the blog were done here. My blog, Facebook and Twitter header were created there. You can do pretty much everything there. There is a free version, but I pay the $4.99 a month to have access to all of their features. It’s a minimal fee for the amount of things you can do with it.


When I’m not near my computer, and I have an idea for a blog post, I run to this app. It’s a place where you can literally trap your ideas. As someone who gets inspiration at random times and through random things, this has been a lifesaver on a few occasions.


I know many fellow bloggers use some form of a social media management system. I love HootSuite. It’s my preferred one. I’ve been using it for years. What I usually do with HootSuite is, once a post has been published, I go in and will schedule it to post a few times throughout the day on Twitter, as well as a few more times throughout the week. Then I’ll choose other new stories, tweets, and other things from other people to fill in through the day.

I have the app on my iPhone as well so I can pop in and check on things throughout the day.


Blogsy is my go to app when I’m out of town and want to blog. I don’t bring my laptop with me on trips, but I do bring my iPad, and this app is my blog away from home. It can be a bit tricky to figure out at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty great.

What apps and tools do you rely on for your blog?

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The Apps I Can’t Live Without

I’m obsessed with my iPhone. And as I’m siting here writing this post, I’m realizing that I probably should have written this one before Insta-Obsessed. It would have made more sense. But the Insta-Obsessed post is what inspired this. Anyways, moving on.

My iPhone is glued to my side at all times. If I can’t find it, I find myself in straight panic mode. I don’t particularly like that I’ve gotten that reliant on a device, but it is what it is. And I’ve learned to embrace it. Since I have a phone that I can’t live without, I decided I’d write about the apps that I can’t live without (Apple-installed apps not included!). And here they are, in no particular order.

1. The Weather Channel – I live by the weather. In fact, now that it’s summer, I find myself constantly checking it in hopes we’re due for a thunderstorm. Now, here’s where it gets weird. I hate thunderstorms – at least the really severe ones (but who really enjoys those..) but I love a good afternoon thunderstorm in the summer. It’s like the epitome of summer to me.

Severe Weather Alerts – BRING. THEM. ON.


2. Checkbook – The second I got my iPhone, I stopped using a regular checkbook register. I swear by this app. I love it, and I love being able to track everything right on my phone. My debit card is always with me, so it makes my life easy having my checkbook with me too! Plus, it’s so much less bulky than the old-school checkbook register.


3. Instagram – Shocker.

4. PicTapGo!– This app is a recent discovery, thanks to a few friends that use it, and it has changed my life. Okay, that’s probably a bit of an exaggeration. I like to share some photos from my photography business on Instagram, but I always found they were too large and could never find the right app to get them to fit. This one was the answer, and now I can happily share my photo work (not from my iPhone), and the whole image is visible! Win!

925037_707877629273848_103228673_nIt has a nice white border around it – but you can’t tell here. Since my blog is white.

5. Credit Karma – I’m an adult now (in case you didn’t know), and knowing what my credit score is, has become very important to me. Especially if I plan on buying a house anytime soon. I love this app too because it’s free, unlike most of those places out there that want you to pay to get your credit score. And it’s updated weekly so I always know my credit score is right on the money!

6. Us Magazine – I’m a sucker for this gossip magazine. So obviously it needs to be on my phone so I always know what’s going on with my favorite (or least favorite) celebs!

7. MapMyFitness – I’ve tried a lot of fitness apps, and this one is definitely my favorite. i love that it tracks any kind of fitness (not just running or walking), and it’s pretty accurate in terms of mileage and such. I love the community behind it as well, and being able to track my progress.


8. Dices with Buddies – I don’t play many games on my iPhone… however, I love Dice with Buddies. It’s essentially Yahtzee. But it doesn’t make me think too hard (although, maybe I need more apps that do that!). It’s a quick, easy game to play. And you should all start playing so I can have more friends to play with.

9. Sell with Etsy – This is ESSENTIAL to my Etsy shop business. I can track my stats, read conversations and monitor orders all on the go. Highly recommend if you have one!

10. iPassword – I have a lot of passwords. And this helps me to organize and remember them all. It’s protected with a simple 4-digit code, and after inputting it, you have access to everything you entered in. It’s fantastic.

So there you go, my ten ‘I Can’t Live Without These Apps!’ list. Nothing too exciting, or out of the ordinary, but definitely ones I use ALL THE TIME.

Question of the day:

What apps do you use everyday? Comment below! :)

Have a great day!

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