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I Celebrate Valentine’s Day Every Day

First, thank you to everyone who chimned in on my blogging thoughts yesterday! It really meant a lot!

Valentine’s Day is almost here. That special Hallmark holiday that comes once a year where people give gifts and cards to their loved ones to show their love. It seems like each year it becomes more about what to buy than how to celebrate.

I’m seeing a lot more articles written to help with what to buy and what to do for Valentine’s Day, such as 6 Valentine’s Day Dos and Don’ts, The Ultimate Guide to Buying Valentine’s Day Flowers and What Women Really Want for Valentines’ Day.

But not many articles on how to celebrate your love.

I remember when Valentine’s Day was such a huge deal to me. Back when we were in elementary school and we passed out those adorable paper valentines in a box. We made special envelopes to leave taped to our desks, and our teachers made sure we gave a valentine to everyone in class so no one felt left out.

After elementary school, middle school and high school were just confusing.

Did I want a Valentine? Didn’t I? What if I have one? What happens then? What if I don’t have one, but someone gives me something, and I don’t want to be their Valentine? What if I don’t get anything?

Yes. Confusing is the best way to describe those years.

I worked at a gift shop throughout high school and college. And during that time, I witnessed so many people running in the night before Valentine’s Day to buy cards, presents, candy… whatever they could find. That’s when I realized that this holiday was becoming less about celebrating your love, and more about buying your significant other something to physically show them your love, with a material object.

Why I Celebrate Valentines Day

I’m engaged. I have a Valentine for the rest of my life. And I’m madly in love with him.

But I don’t need a holiday to celebrate our love. We celebrate it every day.

Sure, I love flowers. I love jewelry. But do I expect it on Valentines Day? Absolutely not.

All I need on Valentine’s Day is a simple text telling me he loves me while we are both at work, followed by a cozy dinner in and watching our favorite movies. Just like any other night.

In my world, love is much larger than a single day. Love isn’t in the material objects you receive. Love isn’t in the cards, the chocolates or the teddy bears.

Love is in that look between you and your partner when you’re together. Love are those words you never have to utter because your partner knows exactly what you’re thinking. Love is enjoying every moment together, no matter how large or small.

Love is enjoying your normal routine, whether you exercise together, go out to dinner often, or just enjoy sitting on the couch and watching your favorite movies over and over.

Love is so much more than a single holiday.

Which is why I celebrate Valentine’s Day every day.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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Foto Friday #6 – Macro Flowers

Flowers are one of my favorite things to photograph. I love the simple beauty and elegance of them. I especially love taking photos of them with my Macro Lens. It allows me to get up close and personal, but also provide a different perspective.

For today’s Foto Friday, I’m sharing with all of you four of my favorites that I’ve taken over the years. Enjoy!

Tiger Lily WM

The Heart of the Flower WM

May4 WM

Pink Lily WM

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Untitled design(8)

A Weekend of Horses and Flowers

Memorial Day Weekend. The unofficial start to summer.

For many, it’s a weekend full of graduation parties, cookouts and long hours of sitting in traffic. For me, since I was about 14 years old, it has been a horse show weekend.


Now for those who don’t know, I have been riding horses since I was 9, competed until I was 22 and have since retired from the show ring and am now enjoying watching my fellow barn mates and students competing in the show ring. I don’t get too many shows anymore as my schedule just doesn’t allow for it, but with The Greater Boston Charity Horse Show just twenty minutes away in Topsfield, MA, I couldn’t help but spend as much time there as humanly possible.

In the old days, I would spend hours by the rail, camera in tow, taking picture after picture, trying to perfect my horse show picture taking skills. Nowadays, while I still love to take pictures, I tend to take pictures more of the High Tail Acres riders instead. This weekend was no exception. My zoom unfortunately does not have the capability of my previous cameras, but I was able to catch some great and memorable shots and capture some great moments in the barn.

Abi BW 7

Abi Rudi 3

After a wonderful weekend of horses and good friends/family, today I played around with settings and did my next favorite thing – drive around aimlessly looking for a great photo op. I ended up down in Newbury on the road leading to Olde Newbury Country Club, followed by taking pictures of some unique flowers in my garden.

15 MPH copy

Bleeding Hearts

Columbine 3

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The Beauty of Everyday Life

With my creativity flowing again, I always feel like I’m looking at life in a different way. Instead of just seeing a pretty flower, I think of ways to frame it and how I could make the color pop. And with the fantastic cool fall morning, I begin to imagine just how I could capture that in words. It always seems like the little things are what spur the best creativity.


A couple weeks back, right after purchasing my new camera Nikon D90, I ventured into my backyard to test it out and see what I could capture. Not only was I very much out of practice with the whole photography thing, I was just a little bit intimidated by camera. I bought it so I could grow into it – and that’s just what I plan to do. Wandering around my backyard made me realize just how beautiful the little things are and helped me to see my own surroundings in a completely different way.

The next few images are images taken in my backyard. Some are edited, and some are not.

Bumblebee in Hanging Plant

Bumblebee in Flowers



Bug Resting

Candy Cane Flower

Candy Cane Flowers Watermark

I discovered that one of the best places to go on a photographic adventure is in my own backyard!

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I am available for photography as well. Please e-mail me at eryn@erynephotography.com.

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