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#MicroblogMonday #7 – The Perks of Having Short Hair

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Pardon my late post today! Since it’s a holiday, I’ve been out running errands and spending time with the fiance. But I’m now I’m home and catching up on the day.

So today’s #MicroblogMonday post. All about the perks of short hair. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I chopped off my hair this weekend. I had no idea it was a long as it was. I knew it was long, but not as long as what the before picture showed.

The Perks of Having Short HairUnsplash // Jeremy Cai

Normally I always regret cutting off my hair. And I start to question why I did it. But this time, I definitely didn’t. It was a welcome change. Something new in this seemingly endless winter. But in the two days I’ve had short hair, I’ve realized a few things.

  • I was constantly washing my hair to keep it manageable. Brushing it was a chore. Constant knots, snarls and tangles. I found on the weekends, I had to shower in the AM after sleeping, otherwise I looked like a crazed banshee. This morning, I got up, ran a brush through my hair, and volia, I could go out in public.
  • My waves are back. My long hair would get wavy, but it would take a lot of product for it to stay. Now, my waves stay with minimal product.
  • Wash and go is a thing again. I love being able to wash my hair, and being done. I love how swingy it is when it dries. I love how easy it is now.

Sure. I loved my long hair. But I love my short hair even more.

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