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Cabin Fever.

I don’t think I’ve ever suffered from such terrible cabin fever. Every winter I deal with a bout with it. I think most New Englanders do. It’s cold. It’s snowy. There isn’t as much sunlight.

On the positive side, at least the sun is starting to set a bit later now. At least when it’s out it does.

But after being buried under over six feet of snow in just 2 weeks, I can officially say that my cabin fever has hit an all-time high.

Cabin FeverUnsplash // Breather

I’m not a snow bunny. I don’t enjoy skiing. I’ve never been snowboarding, but I’m guessing I’ll have the same feeling towards it as I do skiing. I don’t mind playing in the snow, but I don’t like getting wet and cold. The only thing I really like about snow is taking pictures in it.

I am thinking about buying snowshoes. Just to give something in the snow a try. Who knows. Maybe I’ll find a winter activity I’ll actually enjoy.

Needless to say, I’ve had enough of winter. I’m over the snow. I’m over the arctic cold that seems to follow every storm (can we say windchills below zero at least once a week?). I’m over wearing eight layers of clothes no matter where I go.

During yesterday’s storm, where we got another 18 inches, all I wanted to do was get in my car and drive somewhere. Now I know that would have been stupid, and not feasible, but that’s how bad my cabin fever was. So I continued to get some work done from home, all while trying to imagine being in a warmer climate.

Cabin fever can be an adventure in itself – think The Shining. Thankfully, I’m not at that point, nor would I ever, but I’m definitely to my breaking point with it. I’m trying to conquer it. I’m trying to get myself into a more consistent workout routine. I’m taking advantage and reading more (if that’s even possible). I’m trying to relax more.

Cabin fever just makes me cranky, with zero motivation. So the above tasks seem even harder than normal. I pretty much either want to:

a) Run around in the sunshine (clearly not happening anytime soon.)


b) Sleep until spring. Hibernation sounds like an excellent solution at this point. Now I know why bears do it.

But I’m definitely feeling the burn. And am anxiously awaiting the snow, and the cold, to stop. I don’t think it will be happening anytime soon though. We’re due for another storm on Thursday into Friday, with the potential for blizzard conditions.

Sigh. This is definitely the winter that won’t end. Can we please just have a break from the snow and cold? Like one sunny 40 degree day is all I’m asking for. That’s it!

Is anyone else suffering from horrible cabin fever this winter?

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In the Event of A Blizzard….

In case you haven’t heard, the entire northeastern United States is currently enduring a long-duration blizzard. It began on Monday evening (although it started snowing in my area by 11 AM), and will be lasting right through Wednesday morning. In the end we could have towards 36″ inches (or 3 feet) of snow in some spots.

Obviously the hype around Winter Storm Juno, or Snowmageddon 2015 as many are calling it, has caused the normal “How to Prepare for a Winter Storm” tips to come out in full force.

One of the main ones you always hear? “Stock up on bread and milk!” That particular one has always confused me. If we lose power, won’t my milk go bad? What if you’re lactose intolerant? Or have a gluten allergy? Or both?

Anyways, I thought long and hard about the preparation tips, and decided to come up with my own.

snowmageddon 2015

Eryn’s Snowmageddon Tips

Don’t stop charging your electronics. Seriously, keep them plugged in at all times. You never know when or if you’re going to lose power. I know, it’s bad to keep them plugged in and constantly charging. But would you rather cause your battery to have issues down the road, or have a dead battery in your electronics when you actually lose power and need them?

Stock up the foods and beverages that you prefer to eat. And can make without the use of power. I know many of us in the northeast have generators. But most of the time, those generators are used to keep the heat on, or power the refrigerator so the items you do have in there won’t go bad. Canned soups and microwaveable meals won’t work very well if you lose power. Unless you prefer eating ice blocks full of turkey and vegetables.

Keep flashlights nearby. This is an important one. Especially if you’re scared of the dark like me. I fully agree with this. You never know when the power is going to go out. Which mean you’ll never know when you need that flashlight that you stuck in the back of a drawer after the last blizzard.

Pretend to be a little kid. And build blanket forts. Because they are fun, and warm. Then read under them with flashlights. (Would I like to do this? Absolutely. Will I do this? Probably not.)

Shower when you still have power. Okay. This might be a no-brainer. But for some people, when the power goes out, you lose hot water too. And if you lose power for multiple days, and decided to put off your shower until it was too late, well.. let’s just say you’ll be thanking me later for this tip.

Adult beverages can make the blizzard fun. Blizzard party anyone?

Take lots and lots of pictures. But only from safely inside your home. Or right outside your front door. When the government issues a travel ban, they mean it. It’s not optional. But taking lots of pictures, and posting them to Facebook, will make your friends in the south, or in other parts that aren’t getting snow completely jealous. Also, it will be fun to look back on said pictures to see the before and after.

Remember, we live in New England. It’s only snow. And some wind. Okay. It’s a lot of snow, and a lot of wind. But we live in New England. Blizzards happen. Hunker down and know the clean up begins tomorrow. Along with some sweet snowball fights, snow angels, snow forts, and snowmen!

But in all seriousness, be safe out there today everyone. Stay home. Don’t drive. Be warm.

Happy Snowmageddon 2015!

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#MicroblogMonday #5 – Winter Is Here!

Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is? Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and how you can participate too.

winter has arrivedUnsplash

Remember when I wrote about how it doesn’t feel like winter because we hadn’t gotten any snow?

Well, evidently Mother Nature is making up for lost time.

Beginning tonight and going right through Wednesday morning, we are getting a blizzard.

Yes. A blizzard. And not just any blizzard. Potentially one for the ages.

All of the news channels are saying it could be one of the worst winter storms our state has ever seen.

My area is looking at 24+ inches of snow. I was okay with the 6 inches we got on Saturday. It was lovely, and I enjoyed playing with new camera in it. But over two feet of snow? That’s a lot of snow.

I won’t lie. Part of me is really excited. Just like I get a little excited when we get a hurricane or a bad thunderstorm (does anyone else get like this?). I don’t really like bad weather, but there is just something about getting a really large scale storm. But then the other part of me kicks in and reminds excited me that this storm is going to be nasty. Not something to be excited about.

I mean, many news places are already calling this storm, “paralyzing”, “catastrophic”, and “life-threatening.”

So next time I question winter, or Mother Nature, remind me of this. Because now I’m ready for winter to just go away.

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#MicroblogMonday #4 – Winter, Where Are You?

Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is? Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and how you can participate too.

I’m having a hard time believing it’s winter. You’re probably thinking “But it’s cold. Like really cold.”

You’re right.

But as much as I despise winter (and the cold), it doesn’t feel like winter because we haven’t gotten any snow. Okay, fine. We’ve gotten an inch here. An inch there. But usually by this time, we’ve gotten at least one major storm that’s dropped more than 8 inches on us. So far, nothing.

Winter, Where Are YouGratisography

Now. Don’t take this as complaining. I’d really rather we don’t have a bad winter. I don’t like the snow. I don’t like the cold. I may be a “hardy New Englander” purely because I’ve lived here my whole life, but I’m definitely meant to be in a warmer climate.

But it’s not winter until we get a big storm. Yes, the clean-up is usually a mess. And sure, big storms can be dangerous. But there is something about being cooped up in your home, curled up on the couch with a good book and big cup of hot chocolate (or tea, or really whatever is your forte during snowstorms). And a heated blanket. Because you can’t go through a snowstorm without a heated blanket.

Another reason – if we don’t get snow, we’re definitely going to be in a drought come spring and summer. And that’s just bad.

So Mother Nature, if you’re reading this, and I can’t believe I’m asking this, but can you please give us a bit more snow? Just for a couple of weeks. By March, I want all the snow gone and the glorious spring like conditions coming in.

And just for the record, I’m only asking because I don’t want a drought this summer. I still really don’t like winter.

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Tuesday Time!

Happy Tuesday my friends!

First off, I want to start off this post by saying how proud I am of my good friend, Alex, for telling her story of growing up with, getting treatment for and recovering from anorexia. I’m also honored to be able to tell her story. If you haven’t seen the first two posts, you can visit them at the link below. Part 3 will be posted on Thursday.

Growing Up Alex series

So, little update in my world. Tomorrow will be a “What’s On My Mind Wednesday” post, so today will be more of a “This Is What Is Going On Today and this Past Weekend”

  1. If you didn’t know, it’s going to snow tomorrow. IT’S MARCH 25TH and it’s going to snow. There is something wrong with this picture. I know it’s not unheard of, but still. It’s almost April. Not cool mother nature. Not cool.

photo 1

  1. Sam Summer is out. This made me extremely happy. And also a bit sad, because it’s not quite warm enough to enjoy one in the sun. However, I will happily enjoy one in bed, while reading a book until it gets warm out. Also – “The Bean Trees” was quite good. I can’t believe I never read anything by Barbara Kingsolver before this book.

photo 4

  1. Butter Pecan Iced Coffee is also back at Dunkin’ Donuts. This also has made me really happy. It has not made my wallet so happy though. Oh well. A minor splurge this week… then back to buying coffee on Fridays only.

photo 2

  1. It may not be warm yet, but it’s the perfect time of year for a walk on the beach. Which I did on Saturday with my mom. No tourists yet. :::sigh::: I love living by the water. It’s my happy place (besides the barn of course).

photo 3

And that is all for today. Stay tuned – tomorrow is “What’s On My Mind Wednesday”!

Is winter over yet?

I’m just going to be brutally honest here.

I’m friggen done with the cold weather. DONE.

I know it’s still February, but March is right around the corner. It should be warmer. I blame the nearly 50 degrees we had last weekend for making me feel this way. If you’re not going to stick around, then don’t show up at all.

Maybe I’m over-reacting a bit. I live in New England. It’s cold in the winter. And we have long winters. But this year, it seems like it’s never going to end! I religiously check the 10 day forecast in hopes of a 50 degree day popping up, but now I’m ready to give up because it’s just too depressing.

I want warmth. I’m not asking for 80 degree warmth, just warm enough that I don’t have to wear 15 layers every time I want to go outside. I mean seriously, I’m done looking like Randy the from ‘A Christmas Story’.

This post from ‘Buzzfeed’ pretty much sums up everything I feel about this winter. Every phase I’ve gone through, and probably will go through.

All I can say is enough is enough.

Mother Nature, please be kind and bring us some warmer weather… for good.

An Active Weekend

Happy Monday everyone! Big surprise, we got more snow overnight. Oh the joys of living in New England. At least it made for a lovely morning with the sun shining off the snow covered trees!

Downtown Amesbury

My never-ending cold is currently ahead in the standings. Just when I though I was beginning to feel better this weekend, I woke up on Sunday morning minus my voice. Touché cold…touché. I could talk a little bit yesterday, however today, it’s gone. Cold – 1 Eryn – 0.

Despite my cold, I had a great weekend and I hope everyone else did too! I started it out on the right foot, beginning Friday night by hitting the gym with Nick. I was in a bit of a funk on Friday afternoon and after a solid 45 minute workout, I felt great and back to myself. Instead of my normal 2 miles on the treadmill, I decided to up my workout by climbing on the elliptical. I turned my music on and went to town. Despite my lungs  screaming and gasping for air, I zoned out and just went as hard as I could. All of a sudden, 12 minutes had gone by! I couldn’t believe it. Initially, I planned for a 30 minute workout, but instead of aiming for that goal, I started giving myself little challenges. First, I wanted to hit 2 miles, which I did around the 20 minute mark. Then I aimed for 2.5 miles, followed by 30 minutes, which quickly turned into 3 miles. At one point, I had my speed up to about 7.6 (never happened to me before!). When it was all said and done, I had completed 3.03 miles and burned 315 calories in 35 minutes! I was so proud of myself. I haven’t done that in a long time!

The proof.

While I waited for Nick to finish up on the Stairmaster, I hopped on a bike for about ten minutes. 45 minutes and 370 calories later, my weekend had begun.

Dinner is usually the real adventure in our house. At night, we are usually both so exhausted that we eat the easiest thing we can, which usually is salads or sandwiches. Friday night, despite being exhausted, I wanted to make ‘pizza’. A restaurant across the street from my work began making pizzas using tortilla wraps as the crust this past week and I was DYING to try it out myself. Nick made his Mexican in style while mine was more Greek. Below is how I made it.

Tortilla Pizzas – Greek Style

  • Taco sized whole wheat wrap
  • 2 tablespoons of Tribe Everything Hummus as the sauce
  • 2 oz of Grilled Chicken
  • 1/2 cup of chopped mushrooms
  • 1/2 cup of black olives (my obsession, although probably not a healthy one)
  • 1/2 cup of Mexican Cheese (Clearly not Greek, but only shredded cheese we had)

After completing putting it together, we baked the pizzas for about 10 minutes at 350. Basically until the tortilla looks crispy and the cheese fully melted.

When we pulled them out, they smelled DELICIOUS! I couldn’t wait to dig in.

All done!

Eating it was a challenge. We ended up folding it like a taco….thus turning it from a pizza…to a taco.

I also treated myself to a glass of one of my favorite wines, Cupcake Pinot Grigio. I’m a huge fan of all of their wines. They are inexpensive and well-made!

Saturday was a typical busy day for me. I teach riding lessons at the farm I grew up riding at. I teach all beginners and love every second of it. After arriving a bit early to see what my day would look like and realizing I had a bit of time, I saddled up my favorite lesson horse and headed to our indoor arena for a morning ride. Horseback riding has always been my escape. It’s my yoga. Every time I ride, I hop off feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the world. This ride was no different. Lucas and I had a great ride and we spoiled with a yummy peppermint after.

He’s just the cutest.

The rest of the weekend was filled with errands, cleaning and a bridal shower for one of my good friends on Sunday (I’m a bridesmaid!). And of course, trying to coax my voice to come back. Doctors appointment today to see what’s going on!

This morning did start on the right foot, despite not being able to talk. A cup of hot coffee was waiting for me thanks to my wonderful fiancé (Current coffee obsession: Vanilla Macadamia Nut by Kauai) and a protein shake for breakfast. I’m a big fan of the Lean Protein for Her shakes. They aren’t chalky and they taste like chocolate ice cream. In the past, I’ve mixed it with water but today I used Silk Almond Milk. We recently made the switch over to Almond Milk in our house and are loving the change.

Planning to hit the gym tonight as long as the coughing fits subside and the doctors says its okay. Either way, it’s day 3 of The Gorilla Workout!

What did you do over the weekend to stay active? Did you discover a new favorite recipe?