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#MicroblogMonday #11 – Las Vegas

Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is? Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and how you can participate too.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I wrote anything for #MicroblogMonday. Not for lack of wanting too, or lost interest, but purely because I’ve been busy prepping for vacation.

And as this post goes live, I’ll be on a plane. Perhaps by the time you read it, I’ll be in sunny Las Vegas.

#MicroblogMonday Vegas

Image purchased and designed via Canva

I always find that leading up to vacation, when I should be winding down, I’m usually the opposite. I’m running in a million different directions, trying to make sure everything is in it’s place before I go. I want order. Maybe it’s a touch of OCD?

But either way, as you read this, I’m waving to you from the sunny Las Vegas strip. Where we are indulging in some good drinks, some gambling, some R&R, and most importantly, wedding planning.

I’ll be posting throughout the week on Instagram, so make sure to follow there for live up to the minute updates.

And don’t worry – I have things scheduled to go live throughout the week. So it will be like I never left!

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Let’s Have Coffee and Chat {3/3/15}

It’s been about 6 weeks since my last coffee date chat. I think we are well over due.

So grab your beverage of choice, settle in and let’s catch up!

Lets Have Coffee

If we were having coffee, I would tell you….

All about my blog and photography website re-do.

If you’ve been reading the blog, they you’ve noticed the new look. I finally found a design I loved, and that I felt was very me as well as customizable, so I went with it. I found it on Etsy and couldn’t be more thrilled with it. I have a few more little tweaks to do here and there, but nothing too major. I’m in the process of updating all the categories now.

As for my photography website, I’ve been trying to find something very me as well. What I love about my new design is that it already has my colors built into it, and it’s just fun. Plus it blends fairly well with the blog! I’d love to hear what you think of both in the comments!

We leave for Las Vegas in 27 days.

26 if you don’t count the actual day we leave. We can’t wait. I’m excited to begin the wedding planning adventure, but I’m also excited for vacation, and 80 degree weather. But between now and then, I have a lot of other things to get done (taxes, root canal, etc.) Las Vegas can’t come soon enough.

Spring needs to get here…now.

I think we can all agree here. It’s been cold for like 6 straight weeks. Like under 20 cold. We’ve had more than enough snow. It’s March. It’s time for consistent 40 degree weather. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 40s, which will be a nice break, but then back to the cold.

I really want a treadclimber.

Is that random? Yes. It’s random. But I think they look fun. And if I think a piece of exercise equipment looks fun, then it’s probably worth buying. The only downfall? The price tag. I can’t justify spending $3,000 on a piece of equipment when I barely use my $20 a month gym membership. But a girl can dream.

I’m working towards going gluten-free.

I’ve known for a long time that I have a really hard time with food with gluten in it, some things more than others (beer being the biggest culprit). But with some trial and error, and realizing how awful I feel after eating it, I’ve realized that I need to try to harder to cut it out of my diet. I love bread. And pasta. And beer. And I know they have all of it gluten-free, but it’s just not the same. So I’m working towards cutting it out. I know I should just go cold-turkey, but I’m just cutting out the biggest culprits first, and then working from there. I really love this infographic from MindBodyGreen which I find helpful. Today is officially Day 1.

Any suggestions? I’d love to hear them. Boy is it hard. But I know my body, and my skin, will thank me later.

Daylight savings is this weekend.

And I can’t even wait for extra daylight when I leave work. Even when it’s still cold out, it makes everything seem so much better.

Have a great Tuesday!

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Continent Hopping: A Day in Africa – Morocco, Part 3

After Asilah, we climbed back in the van and ventured back to Tangier, where our adventure was going to continue through the old city.

But first, a stop for lunch at one of the only places open. During Ramadan, most places close during the day since they fast from sunrise to sunset. At sunset, they all open and stay open late into the night.

We experienced true Moroccon cuisine; beef cous cous and chicken pastella. Both were amazing.

restaurantThe restaurant we ate at

Before actually seeing Morocco, the only way I could envision it was from what I had seen in movies. And let me tell you, it’s spot on. It’s exactly how I had envisioned it. I unfortunately didn’t take too many pictures in Tangier, but did take some with my phone.

Old buildings, small little markets, kids out in the streets playing soccer, the smells of saffron and curry in the air and fresh baked goods everywhere we looked.

10520749_10100128460755865_4228308240792597361_nLooking up at the backside of one of the neighborhoods of Tangier – not the actual Kasbah

Jamal even took us inside one of the little shops, where they were hand making mosaics for tables. Seeing that process has given me new respect for those mosaics. They were stunning, and each one was so unique. I wish I could have taken one home with me.

As we entered the Tangier Kasbah, you immediately felt as if you had been transported back in time. Everything was close together. The buildings were on top of the other. They had wells in the streets for washing, water, and pretty much whatever else they needed it for. Cats roamed all over. And these cats were tame. Not that we tried to play with them, but they were so used to people that they would just lay there and watch you walk by.

tangier kasbah 2The entrance to the Tangier Kasbah

But the first thing I noticed in Tangier? The smells. The smells changed whenever you turned down another alley. One smell could be curry. The next, baking baklava. Another, you’d get the whiff of raw sewage (hey, it’s an old city… what did you expect!). But for the most part, the smells made me hungry. I wanted to climb into their kitchens and join them for dinner. Thankfully, they were just prepping for their after-sunset meals otherwise, they may have found a new house guest.

As we ventured deeper into the Kasbah, the streets get tighter. And the more people are out on them. We witnessed many tailors working to create kaftans for the end of Ramadan celebrations in some of the most amazing colors I’ve ever seen. We nearly got fishlined by some of the threads and yarns as we walked down hill since they tie the materials to various things to help them from not getting tangled. I wish I had taken pictures of this, because it was certaintly a site I will never forget. It made me realize how much we take for granted our sewing machines and factories. These people were handmaking their clothing for celebration. And they were by far some of the prettiest pieces I have ever seen.

tangier kasbah 3

tangier kasbah 4

tangier kasbah

After venturing around the Kasbah for awhile, Jamal took us into the Kasbah Museum, which was a former’s Sultan’s palace. We witnessed the room where they used to store the money and jewels, and the hand painted ceiling, 16th century jewelry, and other ancient artifacts, as well as the Sultan’s Garden that outshone any botanical garden I’ve ever seen.

Then it was off to the Medina where we were taken through the meat market, the fresh produce market, goat cheese market, slipper market, as well as the general market that had a little bit of everything. This was truly an experience to remember with aspects I’d rather forget. The general market that had a little bit of everything was exactly what you would envision. It was crowded. Cars were driving right down the middle of it. People were trying to get you to look at and buy everything they had.

Word of advice: If you say no, don’t look at their product. They will take that as a sign that you are interested.

Let’s just say, we ended up in the market at the hottest part of the day. Not only were we hot, but I was extremely overwhelmed, and got claustrophobic. I’ve never been in that much of a crowd in my life.

Next step was the meat market {the one thing I’d prefer to forget}. I’m not sticking with this for to long because… well… it was just not my thing. It’s exactly what you would think a fresh meat market would look like. Except when you turn the corner and suddenly you’re faced with camel, goat and sheep’s heads, as well as the other parts of the animal that no one really wants.

Let’s just say I almost passed out. A good mixture of the smell, the sight and the heat was to blame.

We got out of their fast and moved on to the fresh produce market. Much more my speed. Same with the goat cheese, which we learned they shape it by weaving a basket around it, and the slipper market which was a girl’s dream. Sure, there were slippers (flats) but also loads of handmade sandals too!

Before we headed off to the co-op where we would actually do some shopping, we stopped at an English church in the heart of Tangier. It was lovely, and also pretty cool to discover that one of the supporters of the Church was from Winthrop, MA! A little taste of home in Africa.

The co-op was three floors of some the most unbelievable Moroccan creations. One floor was all leather products, another was jewelry, vases, clocks, and wooden items and third was rugs. The shop was nice and cool, and no one else was there. We spent quite a bit of time venturing through and chatting with the shop-keepers, who were happy to help us with our purchases and answer any questions.

coopInside the Co-Op

Since we didn’t have any place to put a rug (even though I would have loved to come home with one), we settled for a handmade hassack (ottoman) for ourselves and a few other gifts for family.

On our way out of the Kasbah, Jamal took us to what they know as a ‘common bakery’. Essentially, it’s a small room, with a giant hole dug into the ground and someone cooking. But that place smelled AMAZING. I wanted devour everything they were baking. And the man was kind enough to let us take pictures.

everyday bakery

Before we knew it, our time was up in Morocco. Jamal brought us back to the ferry terminal where we went through passport control to exit the country, and boarded our ferry back to Spain.

After a 10-hour adventure through Morocco, that was unforgettable, amazing, beautiful and enlightening, we couldn’t have been more ready for an ice cold beverage on the ferry ride back.

Along with a few good laughs and amazing memories made with good friends.

Continent Hopping: A Day in Africa – Morocco…Part 2

Asilah, Morocco was beautiful. There really isn’t any other way to describe it. As we strolled through their Kasbah, we witnessed the sheer beauty of this old city. White buildings with teal doors, flowers growing everywhere, cobblestone streets, narrow alleys, and the colors that could be found painted on the buildings were unbelievable. A photographer’s dream.

Jamal led us through the windy, twisty roads all the way to the top, where climbed a set of steps, and suddenly was overlooking the ocean. Waves were crashing on the rocks below us, and this perfect little white-washed town was overlooking it all from a cliff.

So, instead of describing this lovely town, I’m going to just let you enjoy the sheer beauty of it through photos.











And I’m throwing this one in there for good measure. Since there was actually a note to take a picture and Instagram it (and yes… I did.)


To be continued… Up next- Adventures in the Tangier Kasbah and Market

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Continent Hopping: A Day in Africa – Morocco

It’s hard to believe that less than 24 hours after arriving in Europe (Spain), we hopped on a ferry and spent the day on another continent, Africa (Morocco). It was an experience that neither of us wanted to pass up and looking back, we’re are certainly glad we didn’t.

When people ask about what our favorite part our trip was, our answer (besides laying on a beach and spending time with friends), is Morocco. It’s pretty hard to describe the day. But I’m going to do my absolute best. I’m going to do it over the course of three parts, since there is a lot to cover, and a lot of images to share!


We left the house around 6:30 AM Saturday morning to start our 1 ½ hour trek to Tarifa, where we would be picking up the ferry to head over to Morocco. The drive was stunning. The sun was rising, and filled the sky with orange, pinks and reds. It created this enviable backdrop against the rolling hills and endless fields of windmills. Even though I was jetlagged, and exhausted, pure adrenaline had me excited and in complete awe that I was about to board a boat that would take me to Africa. It blew my mind that we were that close for it to be considered a ‘day trip’.

sunrise 4This doesn’t even do the sunrise justice….


As we drove the windy roads to Tarifa, we could already see the mountains of Africa off in the horizon. Unfortunately it was a bit hazy, but it certainly caused our excitement to grow. We were seriously thatclose to being on another continent.

Highlights from the ferry ride:

~ The beautiful view as we pulled out of port.

10394134_10100125957557295_8381978050614005983_nLooking back at Tarifa


~ My new little Moroccan friend. She was about 3, and continued to sit closer and closer to me until I smiled and said hi. She quickly smiled back and scurried back to her mom who met me with a pleasant smile as well.

~ A little boy absolutely hitting the deck when the horn went off announcing we were pulling out of port. He didn’t just fall. He hit.the.deck. I mean full out ‘Holy crap, something is going down’ hit the deck. We didn’t know if we should laugh or worry, but as soon as we saw his mother cracking up, we knew it was okay to laugh along with them. He just shrugged off as if he does this all the time.

Once we pulled in Tangier’s port, we disembarked and made our way to our tour guide, Jamal, who was waiting for us outside the ferry building.

Fun fact: We visited Morocco during Ramadan, which meant that we were 2 hours BEHIND Spain. This only happens during Ramadan. Normally, they are only one hour behind. So we may have left Spain at 9 AM, but we arrived in Morocco at 7:30 AM!

After introductions were made, we piled into Jamal’s van with his driver Mohammed, and began making our way around the city of Tangier. As we pulled out of the ferry’s parking lot, the old Tangier Kasbah sat above us, and I already knew this would be a country I was going to fall in love with.

photoTangier Kasbah from the ferry terminal.

First up, a driving tour of the city. He showed us all the important parts; the downtown area (including a spot where one of the Bourne movies was filmed), the Grand Mosque, California (the area where kings, princes, governors, mayors and so on live or have summer homes), as well as other gorgeous lookout points. We had lots of photo ops which none of us skipped out on knowing we probably would never be back.

10325224_10100125957931545_601402346883697605_nOur first stop, near the main downtown area

10306395_10100125959154095_4377642042587689969_nOne of the chase scenes in The Bourne Ultimatium was filmed here!

10460785_10100125959243915_769797935803561382_nThe Grand Mosque

10559916_10100125959548305_2536618767577576576_nLooking back at the old city of Tangier

After driving, we had our first ‘Let’s get out of the car and do something’ experience. And that experience was…. Riding camels.

Yes folks. This horseback rider rode a camel.

camelA good view of the saddle… plus check out those adorable babies in the background.

Let me just tell you… I was scared out of my mind, and yet so excited at the same time. I ended up with the camel that just wanted to lay down the entire time. And she let everyone know by making whatever noise camels make, constantly. Seriously.

Whenever we stopped for pictures, Sabrina decided it was also her chance to lay back down.

{Side note: If she has succeeded, not only would it have been hilarious because I would have rolled off a camel, but she probably would have forced the other camels to lay down too since we were all tied together… just saying.}

After riding around for about 5-10 minutes, we climbed off {definitely not gracefully in my case}, and took some photos. Hence, the camel selfie.


How was riding a camel you ask?

Completely awkward and uncomfortable, and very amusing. They have saddles on that kind of sit up on their humps, so you sink into it and it has a spot to hold to on the front (like a Western saddle). However, when they get moving, I have never felt something so strange in my life. I held on for dear life, and went full horseback rider on this camel.

But… I can now say I rode a camel. Check that off the bucket list.

camel 2Hanging out with my camel… Sabrina.

After walking…er… hobbling back to the van, we started our journey to the seaside town of Asilah. We had about an hour drive, and we went right down the coast. The drive was beautiful and really allowed us to see Morocco. We also all took this opportunity to fit in a quick nap. Since we were exhausted from riding camels and all.

To be continued. Next up – Asilah.

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Foto Friday #4 – {Travel Edition}

In honor of my adventures to Spain, I decided this Foto Friday should be dedicated to the photography from vacation’s past. I’m sure some of these have been seen before, but it’s still fun to dig them out and reminisce! We love to travel (I wish we could do it more than once a year!) and dince I bought my camera in 2011, we’ve been on two trips. The first we flew into LAX, drove the coast and stopped in various places and finally stayed in San Diego. After staying over for a night there, we packed up the next morning and drove to Las Vegas!

And the second trip was in 2012 to San Francisco and Las Vegas. Enjoy!



California Desert WM

Venice Beach WM


Fun Factory

Hoover Dam 2 WM

If you are interested in purchasing these photos, please visit the Etsy Shop. If you see one here that you like, but it’s not in the Etsy Shop, just send me a request for a custom order.

Please do not reproduce without permission. If are interested in using, please e-mail me at aglimpseintoerynsworld at gmail dot com.
Copyright © 2014 eryn e photography

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I’ll be missing for about 10 days….

But only because I will be in Spain visit my best friend and her husband :)

Having said that, I have some great guest posts lined up for y’all, and some other fun little posts ready to go too. So I may be gone, but the blog won’t be.

I’m hoping to check in a couple of times from Spain as well (we’ll have internet).

In the meantime, if you want to follow what’s happening with our trip, make sure to follow my Instagram account @erynecarter to see everything that’s happening.





It’s hard to believe that the holidays are already here. It seems like just yesterday I was fighting with the cat while wrapping last year’s presents. It’s hard to believe that in just a year our lives can change so dramatically. It seems that as we get older, the years just go by faster. Before we know it, another year is gone and we sit back and wonder where the year went. There are times that I wish I could just slow time down and just live and not worry about my daily responsibilities.


This year, well next year, I vow to make more time for me. That means more photo shoots, more books, more exercise and more cooking (well, attempting to cook). I want to look back at 2012 and not wonder where the time went, but wonder how I could have managed to do the things I did and feel proud. The end of 2011 was a great year (and it’s not even over yet), so I plan on making 2012 even better.

Here is a list of my fondest memories of 2011:

  1. Watching Miss E ride for the first time (and second, third and fourth times)

  2. Vegas and California vacation

  3. Buying Nook #1 (and reading 34 books on it since February)

  4. Reading close to 50 books in total for 2011 (Goal for 2012 – 75)

  5. Losing 15 lbs

  6. Spending time with some of the best people in the world

  7. Landing my dream job as a Marketing Coordinator

  8. Buying my new camera

  9. Starting eryn e photography

  10. Realizing that life is what you make of it (corny, I know.)

So bring on the holidays and let’s finish up 2011 with a bang.

2012 – you have a lot to live up too.

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