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Foto Friday #19 – Winter Wonderland

Well, my friends, Friday is finally here. It’s been a busy, long week. More snow. The blog outage. The cold.

Let’s just say I’m ready for spring.

But before that happens, I’m going to enjoy the beauty of the snow. Because there is something magical about those big snowflakes falling from the sky and sticking. Unless it’s a blizzard. There isn’t anything pretty about a blizzard.

Let’s begin shall we…

Barn 4 WM

My new camera had finally arrived. I couldn’t wait to get out there and play with it. Learn everything possible about it.

I was thrilled to hear snow was in the forecast for the next day. The first snow of the year. And I was going to be at my home away from home. The barn.

And it was on to seeing what I could capture.

I’ve always enjoyed the first snow of the year. Something about the way the snowflakes fly around and cover everything in a blanket of white. And this day was no exception. And I so happy to have my camera with me to capture it.

But let me be clear. I’m over winter. Just not the beauty of it.

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